Limit Order 2.0 Beta

*T&C Apply
Limit Order 2.0 Beta
GAS FREE token swaps
Zero fee if you hold more than 2000 KNC, 0.1% fee otherwise
New and simple interface with live charts. Easier to create new orders
Night mode or Light mode for better experience
Limit Order Trading Contest
$3700 in eth rewards!
$3700 worth of ETH Rewards
  • First winner gets
  • Second winner gets
  • Third winner gets
  • Total rewards
  • Total winners
  • For the top three highest points, KyberSwap offers a first prize of $1000, a second prize of $500, a third prize of $200.
  • For the next 100 users have the highest points(criteria: must collect min 1 point): each one will get 10$
  • For the next 200 users have the highest points (criteria: must collect min 1 point): each one get confirm 5$
  • Create limit orders
  • With every limit order that has been executed, you will receive points. In case you have less than 2000 KNC, you will get 1 point for 1 ETH equivalent. Otherwise you will get 1.2 points (20% extra) for every 1 ETH equivalent.
  • Please note that Points can be upto 4 decimal places and the reward will be based on points
  • Valid from 24 Oct 00:00 to 7 Nov 2019 00:00(GMT+8).
Limit Order
Launch Video
What the community
is saying

“KyberSwap’s Non-custodial Limit Orders enable the true liquidity and ownership of your money. With Limit Orders, you’re in control.”

Jun Gong

“Non-custodial Limit Orders is something AlphaWallet’s users have been asking for. It further improves the UX for Non-custodial exchange. Kyber makes it possible, it is a great improvement.”

Victor Zhang
CEO AlphaWallet

“On any exchange, an asset's current price is only a small slice of the greater marketplace. Crucially, limit orders allow traders to add liquidity rather than extract it, as they do with market orders. KyberSwap's new limit order feature is a huge step forward for on-chain DEXs”

Tom Bean
CEO bZx and Fulcrum

“Limit Orders is one of the most awaited features on KyberSwap, offering the advantage of obtaining your desired token at the target price you want, while maintaining control of your assets”

Sowmay and Samyak Jain
Co-founders, InstaDApp

“One of the best features of using a decentralized exchange is the fact that it’s trustless. By implementing non-custodial limit orders, Kyber allows traders to stay in control of their funds and mitigate risks. It provides more incentive for traders to move from CEX to DEX”

APAC Community Lead, MakerDAO

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